What are AME course eligibility criteria to pursue the course?

What are AME course eligibility criteria to pursue the course?

Examining, testing, and resolving problems with aircraft are all part of the area of aircraft maintenance engineering (AME). The candidate will gain knowledge of the aeroplane and its components after being admitted to AME Institute. An aeroplane is made up of several various components, such as the radar, wings, and engines. Since this degree requires two years of academic study and two years of hands-on, practical training in the actual world, there will be both academic and theoretical programmes.

What are the requirements for eligibility to enrol in the course?

The following requirements must be satisfied by applicants in order to be accepted into the AME programme:

A candidate who is currently taking or has already passed the 10+2 with PCM from an acclaimed board.

Three years of engineering study in any discipline from a board or institution that has earned accreditation, or with AICTE permission

Anyone who meets the requirements for a B.Tech in any stream is eligible to enrol in an AME programme.

Candidates may be between the ages of 16 and 28 at the time of application.

The candidate cannot be colorblind or physically impaired.

In their 10+2 exams, candidates must obtain at least a 45% grade in PCM or a related subject.

Can you continue with AME after your 12th grade?

Yes, if a person achieves the necessary qualifying requirements, including having PCM in 12th grade and passing it with the necessary %, they can pursue AME immediately after 12th grade.

What is the enrolment fee for this course?

The total cost of the aircraft maintenance engineering course may be between Rs 3 and Rs 6 lakhs. AME expenses must be paid annually or every semester, according on the educational institution. There are also opportunities for bank loans for people choosing the course.

What employment options does AME provide?

Candidates that fulfil the prerequisites for AME CEE 2023 will have a successful career after completing the programme, both in the public and private sectors. All across the world, the AME licence is respected and in demand. The following sectors offer individuals a range of employment opportunities:

Businesses involved in MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) for domestic and international airlines, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft parts producers, aviation training facilities, public defence organisations, and operational organisations for aircraft.

The following abilities are necessary for admission:

Extensive practical experience with computers, diagnostic equipment, x-ray machines, aeroplanes, and power tools.

The ability to work long hours.

Strong communication and problem-solving skills.

Exceptional manual dexterity and concentration.

Conclusion: with growing attraction for Aviation in students nowadays, with the quality of work life it provides, with its attractive salary packages, and the various opportunities to travel the world, it is important to know how to qualify for the same. AME CEE course does not require much for a student to qualify in the educational front but it requires one to have certain skills and abilities to perform the functions required by an Aircraft Maintenance engineer.

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