Managing Tea Garden Made Easier with Tea Garden Solution!

After much research and analysis, “Tea Garden Solution” has effectively removed the prevalent issue in tea gardens. Every level had a difficulty that inhibited production, and adequate records were not kept, resulting in monetary losses for the organization.

Tea Garden solution is a software package that is accompanied by a Star Link device called Bio-Star. This software package has been updated and built with the difficulty of working in tea gardens in mind at all times. This solution aids in the management of the staff as well as the streamlining of the process. It also has Door Access Control Systems, which help in many ways.

This assists in maintaining a record of each employee’s work location, which assists in keeping track of their progress. This helps in ensuring that the weighing record of tea leaves picked by employees is maintained promptly. These reports may be utilized in the tea processing facility in the future.

Procedures to Follow:-

  • Employees’ fingerprints are recorded in the program via a biometric device to keep track of their activities.
  • Workers will be handed a proximity card. Because a fingerprint is a one-of-a-kind physical identification, it cannot be duplicated for the purpose of impersonating someone else.
  • No room for manipulation at any level, and there is complete transparency in the biometric security system.

The following are the characteristics of the Tea Garden Solution.

  • The solution produces between 6 and 8 different types of reports each day based on the location, kind of labour, attendance, and a summary of the day’s activity, including the status of each worker.
  • You may categorise employees into various groups based on the kind of job they are doing using this tool. Depending on the rules, it might be treated as usual, special, or casual.
  • It is capable of retaining data in the biometric devices and software for some time of more than one financial year.
  • This may also be linked to a current ERP system for processing salaries via an interface.
  • Another report is created with the help of Door Access Control Systems that displays the status of employees who fail to punch when the day is called off.
  • The location report enables the user to keep track of the areas where tea leaves have been harvested and save them for future reference.

These procedures may be completed with a single click of the mouse, alleviating the stress and difficulty associated with complicated working procedures. With the abovementioned advantages in mind, you can manage the plucking force at tea gardens more efficiently and effectively.

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