PRINCE2 Project Management decisions

PRINCE2 Project Planning

 No matter how much your management skills expand it is never too early to begin good project management.  A person on the thirty-second board must set goals and plan projects.  In the early stages of a project, at least a forum should be created so everyone can see the end game of the project.  If a forum is not necessarily present the topics within a workshop or seminar.  A corporate presentation can have the same impact if its purpose is to make the corporation more sustainable.  Bring in outside speakers to present case studies of what can be achieved by planning projects.  Get the whole corporation focused on future planning while reducing fear with possible outcomes.  For global corporations that’s a win-win solution. As outlined on a PRINCE2 Course belfast training.

Project planning needs to set the scope, provide the description and give tools, a method and a schedule.  If there is a tight timeline then stakeholders will mitigate their individual risk and need.  Project planning also takes a detailed effort with checklists, milestones, deadlines, milestones, timelines, and milestones.  A project management time line must be established, ornothing will get done entered or accomplished.  We often see the lack of performance record, Events, and milestones seems like a simple task with no follow-through, and projects end up being a big waste of time and resources.

Avoid this procrastination by keeping a close eye on the status of all project sub-documents.  Integrate the status with the plan.  Have the in-process status updated publicly?  Being up-to-date on the critical nature of projects is the key to making them productive.  Unless there is a sense of urgency the task simply has no value.  A quick look at the standing toolset and seeing duplicates is a sign of a time that is lost.

Keep in mind success feels as if you are throwing pennies.  The failure does not mean there was not a plan.  Time and time again individuals are paralyzed by business projects.  Even when they talk to other staff they are not clear why the work is being done.  Ironically speaking they are unclear on the benefits of the work they will end up doing for their employees and their departments.  These same people will also say the plain truth is they never get things done.  Organizations do not get things done.  Problems continue to arise because people get rabbits out of the boats.  Whatever bunnies come out of a ship are going to stick around.  Think before you leap.

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