What is QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool

What is QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool

QuickBooks is a software that is the most reliable and durable when it comes to accounting or bookkeeping, and there are different features such as the POS connectivity tool, Payroll Checks In QuickBooks, etc.

What is QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool

The QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool helps clients in investigating different issues while working with the application, particularly those issues, which emerge while associating with the server. You can dispose of a few confounding problems utilizing the tools and work productively with QuickBooks POS.

There might be a possibility that you are thinking about how to associate QuickBooks POS customers to the server, and at that point, this post can be of assistance to you.

The best way to get rid of the Network Related issues in QuickBooks is by running the QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool. The symptoms and the fixes of the Network related issues are mentioned thoroughly in this post.

Perusing this post until the end, you can become acquainted with additional information about the QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool and how you can utilize it for the solution.

POS Connectivity Tool

The QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool helps you to recognize network issues so you could address them appropriately. Here are the complete symptoms and fixes of any Network Related Issue in your favorite bookkeeping software QuickBooks.

What are the Symptoms of Network Issues in QuickBooks POS

The multiple issues that you might face because of it are as follows:

  • Issues that don’t allow Point of Sale to open.
  • One of the main issues which require the tool is the Network Connectivity issue.
  • Not able to run or corrupt QuickBooks Database Manager administration.
  • Local firewall because of the third party.
  • POS Warning 180063: Unable to run the standard services which are related to Database.

The following methods will give you a proper solution, and Here are the ways that you need to apply:

  • By Restarting Point of Sale: Firstly you need to open the run command by clicking Window+R. Now type “services.msc” in the same window, click on Enter. Now right-click on the QuickBooks Point of Sale Database Manager, you will see the restart option that you will need to select.
  • By Creating a copy of the Company File: Before running the QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool, please ensure to make a copy of the company file that doesn’t mean that you are creating a backup, That is not the same. Open File Explorer by clicking on the Windows+E button on your keyboard. After that, go to the location by following the path which is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale. Now select copy after right-clicking the Data Folder. Directly you can paste it to whichever folder or place you want to keep this file.
  • By Downloading the Connectivity Tool: Simply download, save and run the QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool. If you’re not able to download the Point of Sale versions or if it is no longer available for download. It’s because older software will still run on the modern systems in such case you need to update the software to its latest version or you might also consider doing some changes in the configuration of your PC.

These are the best way you can avoid any error which is related to network issues in your QuickBooks Desktop.

There might be a possibility where the firewall blocks the connectivity between the workstations of the client and server, and the QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool also repairs the firewall itself.


In conclusion, QuickBooks is a software that is surrounded by features and functions such as

Payroll Checks In QuickBooks, reconciling, and etc.

As you know by now that the QuickBooks Desktop is surrounded by errors and issues as mentioned above, there is this issue related to Network is also there.

The QuickBooks POS Connectivity Tool is the best in terms of solving any Network related problem that is there in the QuickBooks Desktop. Hope that you find this article informative and worth your time.

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