Valentine's Day

Types Of Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the perfect time of the year to express your heartfelt feelings towards the person you love. With that being said, it is not surprising to see people planning surprises for their beloved ones on this special day of love.

If you are one of them and stuck on what to do, here we are. The sole motto of this article is to educate you on how flowers can be the best gifts for Valentine’s Day and which flowers are the most suitable ones.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

As long as the best valentine’s flowers are concerned, nothing can beat roses. Well, there are some more types of flowers as well; however, roses are the king in this business. We will come to that soon. If you can accompany such valentine’s flowers along with some beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts and delicious Valentine cakes, nothing can stop you from impressing your lover.

Now, let us discuss about the most suitable flowers for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, lover, or crush on Valentine’s Day. These are considered to be some of the most popular flowers and floral arrangements around the world. We will take a look at them one by one.

Long-Stemmed Roses

As mentioned earlier, roses are the king when it comes to expressing your feelings. With their exotic beauty and soul-soothing aroma, roses have the power to add more happiness and freshness to any ambiance. While roses are available in various colours like red, yellow, orange, pink, white, and more, each colouris used to express different kinds of feelings. If you are sending flowers to your friend, you can choose the yellow roses as they are the symbol of friendship. If you want to give your bouquet a touch of romance, red roses are the best choice. Red roses represent passionate love, and therefore, they are the best valentine flowers. You can also add some pink roses to your bouquet of red roses as it represents poetic romance, love, and admiration.

Stargazer Lilies

This is one of the unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. When you give Stargazer lilies as a gift on Valentine’s Day, it means that you honour the ambitions of your partner. It is like motivating your loved one for his or her upcoming journey. You can add a blend of red or pink roses to the vase of Stargazer lilies to add a sense of royalty. You can also consider giving tiger lilies as a Valentine’s Day gift as this type of lilies is the symbol of passion.

Pink Tulips

If the person you love is fond of exquisite and unique flowers, a beautiful bouquet of baskets of pink tulips can be the best way to put a broad smile on their face. Just like roses, each colour of tulips represents different feelings and is used on different occasions. Pink tulips are the symbol of love, care, and affection, and this is why they are perfect for Valentine’s Day. A carefully designed and created arrangement of pink tulips is the perfect way to express hidden feelings.

White Daisies

If you are looking for a perfect valentine’s day flower for someone who is bright, cheerful, and full of life, nothing is better than White Daisies. It is the best way to make them smile. For many, daisies are among the most common flowers; however, we see Daisies as the symbol of innocence, bonding, friendship, and cheerfulness. In other words, Daisies are the beauty hidden in simplicity. Without a doubt, they have the power to brighten the day of your beloved one.


In many countries, these flowers are also known as the flowers of the first wedding anniversary. They are also considered the perfect gift for wedding day and mother’s day. In fact, Carnations are way more than just wedding or mother’s day flowers. While they are available in many colours, a beautiful bouquet of carnations is believed to bring good luck, positive vibes, and purity. The light red carnations symbolize admiration and dark red ones express deep love and passion.

Calla Lilies

Nowadays, many prefer the beautiful bouquet of the chic and Calla Lily for special occasions and events, including Valentine’s Day. They represent class, simplicity, and sophistication and have the power to catch the eyes of the onlooker with their unique shape. If your partner loves to live a simple life with a classy attitude, a beautiful floral arrangement of farm-fresh and handpicked, Calla Lilies can be the perfect Valentine’s Day present. You can trust these flowers from Pyaar Bhejo to pay the best complement to the love of your life.

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