Quality services: why has a Quality Manager in my Organization?

Everyone agrees that quality criteria are fundamental in the production and processes of a company. However, many organizations feel lost and make decisions without having a global vision of everything that involves working under quality standards.

By not working in an integral way, decisions are made in one part of the chain that are often not reflected in the final result or, directly, contradict what happens in another part of the process. This represents an absurd loss of resources and has a direct impact on the product that reaches the customer.

The figure of the Quality Manager comes to solve all these coordination and decision-making problems.

An expert in SQA (Service Quality Assurance) is trained to integrate quality management in all units and processes of an organization, to achieve the efficiency and competitiveness objectives that are set by the company’s management.

What exactly does a Quality Assurance Manager or Quality Manager do?

Although the exact nature of its work varies depending on the particular industry in which it is framed, its main tasks are related to ensuring that the product meets the required quality standards.

This requires a professional who not only has a high level of technical knowledge, but also leadership and teamwork skills. A Quality Assurance Manager works with staff and suppliers to establish processes and quality standards, and monitors the data based on the objectives set.

It is a high profile position, as some of its functions are:

  • Do an exhaustive monitoring of the product life cycle (development, markets, structure …)
  • Become familiar with the work of all the units and processes of the organization, to monitor their performance and detect possible points of improvement.
  • Work with the staff of operators to establish processes, standards and quality systems.
  • Coordinate the different teams so that they all work under the same objectives.
  • Give support in the decision making of the Directorate.
  • Develop a quality management system focused on sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Determine training needs and recruitment profiles of the staff.
  • Make sure that all suppliers know and meet the quality criteria set by the company.
  • Investigate and set standards related to occupational health and safety.

In short: the SQA Manager works as a catalyst for change and improvement in quality processes, directing the objectives to maximize profitability.

What type of companies need an SQA Manager?

Although the modern figure of the Quality Manager is relatively recent, more and more companies are sensitive to the need to establish clear processes and quality controls. Thus, SQA-related jobs are increasingly in demand.

They are traditionally contemplated within the automotive industry, although new hyper specialization profiles continually appear in various sectors.

As examples of companies that demand the figure of the Quality Manager, we can think of:

  • Automotive companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Secondary sector and manufacturing and processing industries.
  • Textile companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Feeding
  • Banks
  • Universities
  • Government departments
  • IT and software development companies

In all of them, the SQA Manager is integrated into the organization to coordinate the different departments, either permanently or to organize specific projects, always thinking that the final result responds to the client’s needs.

Should I integrate the position in my organization or is it better to opt for an outsourcing service?

It is worth outsourcing if it is a specific project, such as a prototyping, or if the company has been running for a while and wants to review its quality standards. A technician hired through an outsourcing service provides a “fresh” vision of the company’s processes, and that objectivity together with their specific training allows them to make the right decisions.

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