PDF Files: 3 Helpful PDFBear Tools to Manage Your Electronic Files

PDF Files: 3 Helpful PDFBear Tools to Manage Your Electronic Files

Many people use PDF format for their electronic files. Even people from big and small industries utilize PDF technology to manage their computer documents. Files in PDF format are easy to use and convenient to share with other devices because it doesn’t use much storage of whatever device you’re using.

Hence, PDF format is ideal for smartphone downloads. That’s why many busy people opt for using PDF technology because of this reason. They’ll surely enjoy having the convenience of accessing their electronic files on their mobile phones. However, if they deal with so many computer files every day for their job, it seems to be a lot of work.

Good thing that PDFBear is now available online for public use. It’s a website offering you access to its various tools online to help you deal with your electronic files most efficiently. To know more about PDFBear, read the details below to learn its different online tools that you can use to manage and organize all of your electronic files.

PDF Files: 3 Helpful PDFBear Tools to Manage Your Electronic Files
PDF Files: 3 Helpful PDFBear Tools to Manage Your Electronic Files

Conversion Tools

When you have tons of electronic files, you might have experienced looking for a specific file format you need for your task, but you can’t find it on your computer or smartphone. In this case, you need a file conversion tool. PDFBear has a file conversion on its website that you can use for free.

You only need to upload the electronic files you want to convert to the PDFBear conversion tool online. After that, the system will automatically process the conversion that will usually take a few seconds, depending on how many files you’re converting.

Once it’s done, you can now download the converted files on your computer hard drive or smartphone. Moreover, there are different conversion options available on the website. The tool will convert pdf to Word, png, jpg, and other file formats you need. Hence, you’ll have the file format you’re looking for to finish your task.

Organization Tools

Dealing with a lot of electronic files requires your effective organization skills. It might give you a problem when you’re looking for a specific document from a disorderly computer folder. It’ll surely take time to find the file that may give you stress. Good thing that you can find the PDFBear organization tool online that’s an expert when it comes to file organization most efficiently.

PDFBear has a tool that will let you merge multiple documents into one single file. Hence, you can combine files with the same content and purpose. Don’t forget to rename the merged files for easy retrieval in the future. If you have around thousands of electronic files, it’ll surely become hundreds easier to manage and organize.

Moreover, if you want to remove a document from the merged files, the system of PDFBear online will also process that particular task for you. Hence, the organization tool of PDFBear made the task easy and simple in a stress-free way.

Security Tools

File security is an important thing you need to observe in your electronic files. PDFBear is an expert in making all your files protected from any unauthorized use and access. You only have to upload your files on the Protect PDF tool online. Then, the system will ask you to provide a password, so you need to create a personalized one.

Make your password a little bit hard to decipher, and you can easily remember. After keying your password, the system will process the encryption and save the password you created. Once done, you can download the encrypted files on your computer hard drive or smartphone. After that, you’ll have the confidence that your electronic files are safe from unauthorized use and access.


Dealing with tons of PDF files every day as part of your job means an additional task at work. There’s nothing to worry about because you can always access the official website of PDFBear, where you can use its various online tools to help you manage and organize all your electronic files. If you haven’t tried once, you better remember the different advantages of using PDFBear discussed above. You’ll surely deal with your computer or smartphone’s electronic files in a stress-free way and most conveniently.

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