PDF Bear Guide: Things to Know About PDF Bear Converter

Having the best online converter tool that would convert your files without any trouble can be a lifesaver. All the files you have downloaded with a different file format can easily convert it into your desired file format. Since PDFs are one of the most used file formats, it is a good idea to know how to convert them into your desired file format, right?

If you are looking for a powerful yet free online converter tool, then PDF Bear is what you need. It is the best online tool that lets you edit, convert, and annotate your PDF files. But make no mistake, it isn’t only able to convert from PDF files. The best thing about this online converter tool is that you can use all the features for free.

PDF Bear Guide
PDF Bear Guide

Convert Documents

As we have mentioned above, it isn’t only able to convert from PDF files, and it has a lot of supported file formats such as PDF to JPG, PDF to HTML, PDF to Word, PDF to excel, and so much more. It should be noted that PDF Bear is one of the most powerful and most accurate online converter tools on the internet.

If you’re worried whether PDF Bear’s conversion process takes a long time, you’re worrying about nothing. They guarantee all their users that the conversion process wouldn’t take longer than a minute. Regardless of the file size, it is still able to convert it at an extremely fast rate.

Since PDF Bear is a web-based tool, you don’t have to install or download anything on your device. This is a great way of saving up memory space for all the files you need to download and convert.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Whatever operating system you are using, PDF Bear is compatible with all of them. Whether you are using Linux OS, Windows, or macOS, PDF Bear can still perfectly convert all your files with ease.

PDF Bear can also be accessed from all kinds of devices such as PC, smartphones, laptops, tablets. You name it! As long as it has access to a Wi-Fi connection since PDF Bear is an online web-based converter tool. It is a sure way to convert your files without thinking whether your device or your computer’s operating system would be compatible with their services.

Safe and Secure

PDF Bear assures all of its users that the files and documents uploaded into their servers are safe and secured. They use a 258-bit SSL encryption to safeguard your files from hackers. An hour of inactivity, PDF Bear’s system will automatically delete all the files that you have uploaded into their servers.

PDF Bear is well aware that there is potentially sensitive information in your files. So, every link that can be downloaded in their system can only be accessed for a limited amount of time. This is one way to ensure that you are the only one who has access to your converted and original files.


So, before you use PDF Bear, be sure that you have read and understood what is written in this article. You might not notice that you have already been inactive for an hour, and you didn’t know that the tool has already deleted all the files you have uploaded. But you are well assured that you won’t encounter any problems or mishaps while using this online converter tool.

To make things easier for new users, they have also included written instructions on converting a certain file into your desired file format. This is to make sure that beginners wouldn’t have any problems, and will have an easier time in converting their files.



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