Lime Torrents Proxy 2020

Lime torrents websites are quite popular and those who know about such websites know the reason for their rising popularity. Lime Torrents provide free links for Films, Games, TV Shows, eBooks, Software and similar other stuff that you find difficult to find anywhere else online for free.

Although LimeTorrents are not always accurate, you can expect quick download that is almost impossible with other similar websites.

About LimeTorrents Proxy

A LimeTorrents proxy works quite differently from an average torrent tracker as it is a file directory. The website functions as a search engine instead of a database for torrent trackers, as a result, users get a variety of files to choose from that can go up to 60 million different torrent files. The smooth interface is an additional benefit of LimeTorrents; next to each torrent file you get a ‘health bar’ to determine if a file is secured to download or not. So if you are looking for a particular file, LimeTorrents is what you need to go for.

Lime Torrents Proxy 2021

Are you facing issues in finding Limetorrents or have they been shut down? Are you looking for some ways to use lime torrents? Finding a good alternative can be quite difficult but not anymore once you are here. There are many limetorrents proxy and mirror websites available as provided by the operators. Such proxy and mirror websites offer the same content, and updates; the only difference is they are available with another name.

So if you are looking for alternatives, this guide will help you out with lime torrents proxy 2021 available out there.

Limetorrents Proxy List Websites URL
Limetorrents Proxy 1
Limetorrents Proxy 2
Limetorrents Proxy 3
Limetorrents Proxy 4
Limetorrents Proxy 5
Limetorrents Proxy 6

How to Download from LimeTorrents Site?

If you want to download files such as music, movies, shows, games or anime using any of the Limetorrent proxy sites, the  procedure is simple and has been listed below:

  1. First of all, you have to download BitTorrent software for your computer depending on the operating system you have.
  2. Navigate to the LimeTorrents mirror site that you want to use for the purpose and find trustworthy.
  3. Look for the torrent file that you want to download by using the search box or browse through the website.
  4. Right-click on the file and copy the URL
  5. Then launch the BitTorrent software and click on the hyperlink icon to paste the link you have just copied and then click Ok to start the download process.
  6. The download process will depend on your internet speed or else you will see an error message. At the bottom of the downloader, you will find all the information related to the file such as file size, download time, download speed, file location, and other similar information.

Other Alternatives to LimeTorrents

There are numerous other alternatives available as well that works the best as a LimeTorrents proxy site:

[1] PirateBay Torrent

This is the king of torrent sites and there is no doubt in that as the PirateBay Torrent website is one flexible option and it gives you continuous access to a wide variety of content. However, it always needs mirror sites to sustain but that is not an issue as far as it is performing great.

[2] Kickass Torrents

Another great alternative to LimeTorrents is Kickass torrent that is there for more than a decade now. It is one of the most used torrent platforms; however, it lost quite a good amount of its user base during its temporary closure otherwise it would have been at the top position. This website works almost similar to And can be accessed globally in many languages.

[3] Rarbg

Rarbg is one of the best options if you are a movie buff. Not only movies, but you will also get a complete details page that has all the information you must know. Apart from this, you get the top 10 list to make sure you know what are the current most popular movies and it also makes it easier to look for the one you want to watch.

[4] Extratorrent

This is one of the most visited sites when it is about getting free torrents. If you want to get LimeTorrents for free and without much problem, Extratorrent is what you need to look out for. With its easy-to-access directory and search engine, you can expect a wide range of torrent files such as TV Shows, Films, Music,  Games, Applications, and E-books, etc. to download and watch.

[5] EZTV

EZTV is an old player as the LimeTorrents proxy site and over the time it has successfully earned a reputation as the torrenting website. It works the same as LimeTorrents and has the best and latest movies and TV shows that you will not get anywhere else making it one of the top choices as LimeTorrents.

There have been so many torrent sites that existed and still exist but no one matches the level LimeTorrents. But if the website is blocked in your area, you may find it difficult to get your favorite movies or TV show. Also, the Government and ISPs keep on blocking sites they find illegal, hence when you will search for the LimeTorrents proxy sites, they may or may not work depending on the time you are searching for them and the region you belong to. Hopefully, all the torrent sites mentioned above will prove helpful to you in downloading the file you are looking for.

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