How to Win Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

Watch the following tips carefully and play like a professional.

Each game has a fundamental goal, the truth of a game like PUBG Mobile, each contestant winning a hen dinner for himself. Now we are in an unnecessary situation in all respects, not additional examples, once we are the last surviving participant from our party. This leaves no room to make you flawed, as there is no one to revive them as a result of the possibility that gamers make a mistake.

How to Win Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

Look at these 8 tips to Win that Chicken Dinner

1. When you are stocking well, there should be no looting: standing up from a team for the final contestant is essential to ensure that you are effective with loot to advance the entire course of the game Be properly prepared, however it is necessary to make sure that you plan and put together a strategy for unexpected situations. Upon finding a stack of 2 top-notch weapons, scopes and ammunition, gamers may need to stop their endless quest for higher loot and take out enemies and search for good hide-outs.

2. Keep in the whole safe zone: As the game gets closer to its end, the zones quickly close. Gamers should ensure that they remain near the perimeter of the safe zone, if not all the way.

3. Worry while you can: To ensure your safety, gamers want to strategically choose their hiding places. While the roofs of houses or mountain tops are an ideal place to cover in addition to a full view of the enemy’s motions, as the zone will become closer, such luxuries can also be misplaced. In these situations, hiding behind trees, scorching inside bushes, or camouflaging downward within the grass are our only options.

4. Heal: Once more, if you are left with your squad for the last time, gamers want to make sure that their well-being is the same as the mark at all times. Gaps in this aspect can give importance to the entire game. While your much-awaited transfer is ready for that much-awaited transfer to your enemy, make sure that you are monitoring the entrance well.

5. Not every corpse should be ravaged: PUBG comes to some extent when it’s time to loot the corpses. As you are closer to the ultimate 20 gamers, the field is sufficiently small to draw views from many in the event of any goalie. By this time gamers have the best gear and loads of ammo within the game. Unless you desperately desire medical gadgets, robbing another corpse is not a possible dinner to throw away.

6. Bat and Kill: In most instances, gamers have their own stock gadgets, which they do not use in any way. Use this stuff as a tool to lure enemies within the last couple of zones. Select the right location that ensures a spectacular intentional headshot, and leave your extra first support kit, vitality drinks and even ammo that you don’t want. As soon as your greedy opponents made their method for this loot, they got them on their knees.

7. Calm your nerves: As gamers go from 20 to high 15, high 15, high 10, curiosity and nerves begin to set in. This is where most gamers get themselves higher and make a wrong transfer that costs them the game. To stay away from this example, make sure you search for a good hiding place. And take a couple of seconds to consider your final plan of motion.

8. Final Duel: At this stage, it is only one man standing between you and your Chicken Dinner. In this last stage, abilities and capturing techniques are not necessary to realize the enemy’s location. As a rule, the participant who first locates the opposite location, eventually makes the chicken feed profitable. In such cases, there are a few ways to throw your enemy away and find yourself profitable. For example, throwing a delicate grenade to your left and doing the best job. This will confuse your opponent, and you can deviate from the alternate aspect and take that kill.