Effective Ideas to Improve Mac Performance

Effective Ideas to Improve Mac Performance

Macbooks are known for their durability and performance. However, many people are having issues with their Macbook performance. The problems vary from case to case, but if you are on the list of Macbook users that would like to improve their computer, look no further than this article.

The following pieces of advice below should be enough to make a positive impact on your Macbook’s performance. And the more of these ideas you implement, the higher the odds of solving your Macbook’s performance problem.

Idea #1 – Free up Hard Drive Space

Lack of drive space is typical for Macbook users. The disks do not offer that much free space, and many people run out of storage sooner than they would like. Moreover, having only a few gigabytes of free space spells problems for the Macbook’s performance.

You need to delete mac apps and other files you no longer use, transfer data to cloud services or external storage devices, and remove temporary junk like backups. The more free space you have on the hard drive, the better performance you can expect from your computer.

Idea #2 – Scan for Potential Malware

Failure to have reliable antivirus usually leads to virus and malware exposure. Cybersecurity threats that are present online can affect your Macbook and significantly hinder its performance.

Make sure that you have reliable antivirus running in the background. Any potential threats should be eliminated immediately. Using a virtual private network while browsing the internet is another great option to limit potential malware attacks on your Macbook. Lastly, enable the Firewall if it is still disabled.

Idea #3 – Limit Visuals

Visual effects, such as automated opening applications for the Dock, do not help with the overall performance. In addition, visual effects are consuming battery life. As you can see, there are two good reasons to limit visuals. Take a pragmatic approach and disable effects that offer no real value to your Macbook – this will help your computer have better speed and enhance effectiveness.

Idea #4 – Remove Dust and Dirt Inside the Computer

Do not wait until you start hearing loud noises made by the internal fans. Removing dust and dirt from the inside of a Macbook or any other computer should always be a priority.

It is a bit tricky to get the filth out of a Macbook yourself. Not everyone is willing to risk and take the computer apart. Thankfully, there are services like repair stores that will do the job for you. The work will cost, but your Macbook will be in good hands while all the dust and dirt are being removed.

Idea #5 – Look at Activity Monitor

Pay close attention to Activity Monitor and determine which processes are consuming the most resources. Some applications have to run in the background at all times (antivirus is a good example). On the other hand, you may find that a few apps are redundant because you are not using them at the moment. Close applications that are consuming computer resources for no reason.

Idea #6 – Install Updates

Each update usually introduces improvements to applications or the Macbook system. Installing new updates as soon as they are ready will guarantee that you are up to date and that the OS and applications you use are performing optimally. Besides, updates also reduce the chance of catching a virus or malware.

Idea #7 – Declutter the Desktop

A cluttered desktop is not a pretty sight, but a more significant problem lies in the performance, not the looks. The system renders every icon on a desktop whenever you switch back and forth between the desktop and another tab. Macbooks also load slower after a restart if there are too many desktop icons.

Not having access to files on the desktop might seem weird at first, but a habit of hoarding files on the Macbook desktop is not great either. Transfer files to other locations and remembers that there is a search function if you are not finding something.

Idea #8 – Optimize the Internet Browser

Internet browsers can cause the most problems. A Macbook might perform without any hiccups, but the situation changes as soon as you start to surf the net.

A poorly-optimized internet browser is a common issue. People go overboard by adding too many extensions. Having too many open tabs simultaneously does not help either. Be more mindful of what you do with the browser. And if things are still not working out, consider switching browsers. There are plenty of options, and it could be that using another browser is the best option to solve the problem.

Idea #9 – Add More Memory

Adding new hardware is a bit trickier with Macbooks. Not all models will have support. However, if your model supports the option of additional memory, and you have some money to spare, extra RAM will improve your Macbook’s performance.




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