Choosing The Right Type Of Duck Call

Buying a JJ Lares call can really improve your waterfowl hunting, but you need to learn how to choose the right one. There is only one major difference between duck calls. Duck calls can come in the double or single reed. The reed is the part that makes the sound when you blow into the call. Both types of reed calls will vibrate with the air current and produce a sound. The type of reed your duck call has affects the sound you can produce.

Here is a breakdown of the differences between a single reed and a double reed duck call.

Single reed

Single-reed JJ Lares duck calls are more difficult to master but have the best versatility. Any duck call can be easily replicated on a single reed call. It takes more time to master this type of call, but you can create a more realistic sound that is sure to attract the ducks. A major difference for this type of call is that it can produce softer sounds which can aid in creating the perfect variation of the pitch when replicating duck calls.


Double-reed duck calls are easier to use. Double-reed JJ Lares calls need more air to produce a sound. The range of sound isn’t as wide as the single reed, so this type isn’t as versatile. Double reed duck calls have a “sweet spot” that is nearly identical to a real duck sound. Aside from this perfect sound, a double-reed call can’t match the unique sounds of duck calls as easily as single reed. Another issue with a double reed is that moisture can get into the reed and disrupt the sound. Double reed calls have to vibrate against each other so excess moisture can gum up the system and produce a dull buzzing sound.

Having the choice between the two, most hunters will pick the single reed. Beginners might have an easier time with the double-reed and can use that as a starting place. Many hunters have both styles so they can choose which one they want to use when they are out in the field. Whichever type of duck call you choose, just be sure to practice and get a feel of how it works to improve your success.

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