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Best online magazines for seniors

Day and day, there are various new resources added to the internet.

Many of these new resources are only dedicated to seniors, which is fantastic since online resources interesting for seniors hit two birds with one stone: One, they give seniors the content they need or like. Additionally, they are an excellent way for seniors to learn more about the internet and technology. These resources are E-zines, which are magazines published on the web. In this article, we will introduce you to three online magazines the internet is proud to host.

Suddenly Senior

One of the best online magazines for seniors, and as the website claims itself, America’s most trusted senior citizen website, is presented to you at This magazine publishes many informative and interesting articles for seniors.

As the website says, you can find over 4000 articles that cover many different topics. From literature, humor, stories that seniors have told, and articles that bring you a sense of nostalgia to finance and health, and technology, you can find a great deal of valuable information on this website for seniors over 50 years old. The articles on this website make you laugh, take you back to your younger days, and teach you something new every day.

One of the best parts of the website is the one that provides reviews for Amazon’s best items for seniors. Like tools that make the daily lives of seniors more manageable, best pieces of clothing for different occasions for seniors, best game sets that entertain and improve their quality of life, best gardening tools, exercise equipment for seniors, and technologies and electronics like best smart devices and most useful modern technologies that undoubtedly help seniors.

There is another section on this e-zine. Seniors will find fun and entertaining online quizzes, interesting facts, and trivia on this website.

Suddenly Senior was launched by Frank Kaiser, the writer, editor, photographer, and StreetSmarts magazine founder, to give people life and work training.

All the product reviews, helpful guides, and interesting articles published in this magazine have also caused its content to be published in 83 different newspapers from Florida to India. Overall, with these newspapers, Suddenly Senior has more than 3 million readers.

Sixty And Me

Since 2013 to this day, SixtyAndMe has published articles for female seniors in many various subjects. Senior women who want to age with attitude and improve their lifestyle should check out this website since it talks about almost everything useful or fun for women over 50, 60 years old.

This magazine has articles about health and fitness. It provides you with information on physical and mental health, medical issues, proper nutrition, and the quality of sleep you need to get as a senior. It shows you ways to age happily and healthily. The travel section tells you about some amazing trip ideas, guides you on traveling with family or on your own so you can enjoy the most, and gives you tips to get the best out of traveling.

There are also various articles on managing your finances, starting small businesses, part-time jobs, and retirement. Moreover, you can read articles that talk about relationships, developing a positive mindset, the emotional balance of seniors, and staying happy. The cherry on top is the dating and beauty tips articles for young seniors in their hearts and who want to age gracefully.

In short, you can find everything on this website: articles, videos, interviews with experts, and everything else that seniors may enjoy. Everything you need to know, or you want to know about life after sixty, can find it in this online magazine.

One other thing you can find when you visit is a page full of games that have proved to help seniors function better and improve their mental health. These games include word search puzzles, crosswords, scrabble-themed word games, classic and nostalgic games like Mahjong and Solitaire, and many other free online games seniors would most definitely enjoy playing.

Living Maples

Living Maples is one of the more recent magazines starting online to help seniors find the information they need and enjoy. You can visit this website at On the home page, it is mentioned that Living Maples is dedicated to seniors and started in the summer of 2020. Articles on this online magazine also cover an extensive set of topics.

While it is true that this magazine is a newer one compared to the other magazines we named, the content is definitely worth checking, and the progress is evident. keeps providing senior-friendly content and updates regularly.

Although this magazine pays special attention to senior citizens in Canada, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its content is only helpful for Canadian seniors. While some articles are about the provinces and cities for seniors and retirees in Canada and introduce top doctors and physiotherapists in different areas, most of the content on Living Maples includes beneficial content for all seniors. Articles in this magazine are about nutrition for seniors, health, and exercise for seniors, and entertainment. Other topics include hobbies and activities for seniors and retirees who may find it hard to fill their free time as they like, losing weight, and workout tips for seniors who would like to stay in shape. Some other articles are about good games and activities for preventing or slowing down diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s, and articles focusing on seniors’ relationships with their friends, family, other communities, and the younger generation.

Living Maples is an online magazine that provides articles seniors need to read. However, another aim of the team, besides helping make old age happy and healthy with the articles, is to design an application all seniors can use to fulfill their needs and have an easier life with the help of modern technology.


E-zines are a great source of knowledge and fun for seniors who like to read and want to spend their free time doing something worthwhile. Moreover, online magazines are easier to find, cheaper to use, and better for the environment than physical ones. So, get on your computer, check out these three awesome magazines, and enjoy.

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